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Mostrando las entradas de marzo, 2019

After a prayer...

It is Friday morning, the cold and thirsty were the permanent companions in the journey of Anastasio Servellón and his family. They were walking somewhere along the border between Mexico and the United States.
They started their travel from El Salvador three weeks ago. Anastasio is a farmer, he lost his harvest because of the drought of ast year. Also he left his home because of threats from gang members. Anastasio and his family lived in Cantón Las Crucitas, Alegría in Usulután department.
Anastasio and Erlinda (his wife) decided go to the United States. Actually they didn't want go to the United States but Anastacio thought: “If w ego to the United States we will survive…” after that Anastasio asked his wife about her opinion. Erlinda said: “If we didn't have problems with gangs we could live here in Alegría forever. Remember our neighboor, when the gangs threatened him, he took off. I will call up my aunt who lives in the United States, she can send us money for the trip.

About Venezuela...

The current situation in Venezuela represents one of the most important social crises in Latin America. Venezuela is one of the countries with more oil in the world so it arouses the interest of several powerful countries. The Venezuelan people fight every day against many social problems.
The Venezuelan people are in the middle of a conflict of interests. Many people in Venezuela must face problems such as inflation, scarcity of basic products, crime and according to different international organizations, violations of human rights are frequent. Due to this situation thousands of Venezuelans have emigrated to other countries.
Since Guaido's self-proclamation as interim president of Venezuela many countries have recognized him and the political crisis has increased. The most important support for Guaido is US because that government is willing to carry out a "humanitarian" military intervention so that president Maduro will leave the presidency. It is clearly the interest…